Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First Final Exam

Helloo, long time no post. I'm studying for my Final Exam. This is my first time in collage. Wish me luck so i can come back home with no regret. I miss you Jakarta.

Catcha later

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Too Busy Playing

Hellooo, another long time no post. It's been two weeks. Two weeks? Seems to be so long. And yes i'm in Jogja since that time. My life these days, full of playing, gathering, eating, gossiping, travelling, shopping, oh my life is good -__- I spent much money to do those things.I almost forgot why am i here? To study.

I went to the beach twice and will be three times this Sunday, in a month. It called Sundak. For the first time, "yeaaaaaaaaah beaaaachhh!!!" Second time, "can't wait going to the beach!" the third, "beach....."
My first time was a Girl's Day Out. I went there with, Ranny, Mayang, Gita, Endar, Novi, with Tirka driving. After that we went to Bukit Bintang. It was too awesome to be told. You have to see it yourself. So romantic, so cold, so peaceful, wonderful view. For my second time i went there with Ranny, Mayang, Gita, Mita, Reza, Ardhi, with Wimpy driving the car. In Bukit Bintang we met Michael, David, and some of their friends. Kinda had bad atmosphere but it ended as they went. That was the happiest day. We spent three hours at the beach waiting for the sun to rise. This Sunday, i'm going with Akuntansi 2010. I hope it will be a great day.

I love my friends here. They're from everywhere around Indonesia. They're kind, forthcoming, nice. They're like my family. Long last, hopefully.

And i'll show you some pictures we took when we were travelling. Coming soon :)